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Published Authors ( A small selection )

John Francois has written six historical novels: "The March," "Cajun Fire," "Cajun Knights," "Carrier-of-Bones," "Pontiac," and "Revolutions." See all his work at

Sudie Landry has published the "Spiritual Warfare" series including "Supernatural Encounters of the Godly Kind", "Trail of Six Roses", "Silent Prayer", and "Mom Bradley's Crossover". Sudie's books can be found at

Our former WGA president, Sudie Landry, has completed the editing and publishing of the book by Jeanette Clark Poole, "Acadiana Celebrities." Jeanette, who was the WGA historian, interviewed people from Cajun Country who have reached celebrity status. Sudie Landry promised Jeanette to complete her work after her death by gathering the last few people on the list. It is now complete. At this time, the book is not available for purchase or distribution.

Congratulations, Sudie, on this amazing project. 

Joyce Richards Case is the author of four Historical/Christian novels. Paper Dreams, Pressing on with Hope, Passages Between the Columns, and Proof Positive which chronicles the historic period of 1928 to 1946 as seen through the eyes of a small town newspaper family. Her books are available on Amazon.

Carrie Simon has published three novels -- "Save Them All",  "Just Find Me", and "Maker of Difference." The books are available in bookstores everywhere.

Ellen Threatts writes about community, healing, loss, and loving those around us. Her book is "Four Seasons of Love and Grief," published by Contact her on

William Thibodeaux: "Hidden History of Acadiana" From the improbable Thoroughbred Twenty-twoinit, which defied odds and burned Vegas oddsmakers at Evangeline Downs, to the destitute Reconstruction-era Cajuns who sought recompense from the federal government after the war, history comes to life in these retellings by historian and yarn spinner William Thibodeaux. Arcadia Publishing and The History Press. 9781467143578 {$21.99}. 

Beth Davis, under the pen name Julia E Davis, has published "Love Storm", a romance novel set in New Orleans. Her second novel, "Small Town Love - Emily" the title character returns to her hometown but finds it may be a difficult stay as the lumber mill may close. Available from national booksellers everywhere including, published by Page Publishing. 

Author Christopher J. Fontenot has been busy. Since publishing his first historical fiction novel The Acadian Prairie – Theodule in 2018, he has completed the series of five novels with the publication of TAP- Maius, TAP-Amelie, TAP-Octave, and TAP- Joel. The series follows the same families in the Chataignier area through four generations from 1835 to 1960. Although it is listed as a series, each volume can be read as a stand-alone novel.

In addition, Fontenot has been working on a dystopian science fiction series that he has termed his Haven series. Currently published titles include Haven- The Purpose, Planning Heaven, Building Heaven, and soon to be released are Heaven’s Children and Paradise Saved.

All of his novels except TAP-Amelie are available on Amazon. Follow him on author page: Christopher J Fontenot, or

John Comeaux, along with his wife Phyllis, as a writing team under the pen name JP Coman, has published his novel for children, "Winnie and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones." Appropriate for all ages 8 and above, available at Barnes & Noble and It is the first in the Troll Series. Volume 2, "Winnie and the Trouble with Trolls" comes out in 2022.

John has also published his new book, "Fun Songs and Poems", a collection spanning 50 years. Look for it where fine books are sold.

Bob Boese has 4 published works, and a fifth out in February. The heroes are detectives and secret agents in thrilling adventures. "The Amethyst Spider", "The Deadly Tide", "The Coded Scrap", "The Secret Life of Mr. Cunningham", and "The Florida Snow." Available at booksellers everywhere.

Louis Broussard has published his book of Poetry, “Thoughtful Places”. 22 years in the making, this represents his views and observations of people and nature. His website is with more information on the book.

Edward Gauthier has released "Invasion of the Dream Wheel," an adult science fiction novel. The story takes place in the future, but also involves time travel and murderous intrigue. Look for Invasion of the Dream Wheel on Or check out for more on this writer.


Rhonda B. LeJeune has self-published two children's books, "The Lovable, Huggable Dog" and "The Crazy Cat from Ville Platte".  Both books are available on Amazon.  You can follow her on Facebook @ authorrhondalejeune. 

Vana J. Plaisance explores the emotional landscape of her childhood and adolescence in the memoir Recalling My Beginnings: The Kentucky Years (Xulon Press 2014). Available with, and other outlets.

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