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About Us

The Writers' Guild of Acadiana has resumed meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the South Regional Branch of the Library, 6101 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA. We do not meet in December.


The Guild has been in existence since the 1986, and many local published authors have been members. Of course, the meetings are open to the public, and guests are encouraged. 

Yearly dues are only $25. When you become a member you will receive "La Plume," our monthly newsletter. It contains valuable information about tips on writing, upcoming events, workshops, and WGA news. 

Our agenda usually features a guest speaker one month and a member reading program the next month. Each reader is given a time limit. We start at 6 p.m. and usually end around 7:30 p.m. 

Find a seat, relax and get ready for an interesting and motivational night. Our monthly speakers come in a variety of categories; published authors, illustrators, poets, historians, children's authors, motivational speakers, travel writers, bloggers, writers of memoirs, and more.

We are looking forward to meeting you! Please bring a friend and help us spread the news. WGA will encourage you and spur the imagination you to develop.

WGA will never share or sell your information. We will contact you one time to acknowledge that we received your submission, and welcome you to the Guild meets. 


You are not a full member until dues are paid, after which you will receive the La Plume newsletter, announcements about book sales opportunities, and special announcements about the WGA activities. 

South Regional Branch of the Library

6101 Johnston Street

Lafayette, LA 70503

WGA current officers:

President: John Comeaux

Vice President: Christopher Fontenot

Secretary: Ed Gauthier

Treasurer: Beth Davis

Historian: Pamela Harrington

Publicist: Ellen Threatts

Newsletter Editor: John Comeaux

Web Master: Rhonda LeJeune

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