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Pictures from Meetings and Workshops

Mel LeCompte Jr

Alysson Bourque

Shaquana Jackson

M. Abraham and A. Bourque

Denise Gallagher

Beth Davis, Chris Fontenot

Carrie Simon, Bob Bienvenu

R Lejeune

Louis Broussard, Chris Fontenot

Chris Fontenot and John Comeaux present a workshop on self-publishing

S Mouton, A Barefield

John Comeaux Presenting

Alisha Vincent, Chris Fontenot

Ed Gautier at Moncus Park

John at Moncus Market

Michael Wynne, John Comeaux

A. Bourque workshop

Chris Fontenot and M.J.Coreil

Derek J, Chris F

Chris Fontenot at Moncus Park 10/29/22

Board Members (L to R): John Comeaux, Beth Davis, Ed Gautier, and Chris Fontenot

Board Members Meeting August 2022

Handout from Randy Dupre'

Participants received a handout to accompany the presentation (Sept. 2022)

Randy Dupre' with Chris Fontenot

September 2022 Guest speaker receiving a gift after his presentation

Beth Davis & Ellen Threatts

November 2022 Guest Speaker: Matthew Miller

November 2022 Door prize winner

Annual officers' Christmas dinner

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