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August Guest Speaker: Diana Cash Lennon

Diana Cash Lennon comes from a family of published writers and loves to share her gift of writing with others. In her diverse work life, (she’s held 20+ jobs in 10+ industries), she has written and edited a variety of material: business communications, website content, advertising copy, educational pieces, Christian instructional lessons for kids, teens and adults, technical works, and speeches, as well as promotional and research materials.

For pleasure, she has written articles for local magazines and newspapers. She also co-created a fundraiser for a local multiple sclerosis charity, Justice Grillin’ for MS. She currently works part-time in the legal field, has started a blog on Facebook -LivingLovingLearningLife.

She has a BA in Public Relations from the University of [Southwestern] Louisiana at Lafayette. She has been married for nearly40 years to Rocky Lennon and they have two daughters, Mackenzie (recently married to Connor Lagneaux of Lagneaux’s Restaurant) and Savannah, a Senior at LSU in elementary education. They live in Lafayette, Louisiana, theheart of Cajun food, culture, music and fun.

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