Writers' Guild of Acadiana - "Dedicated to the Support & Education of Our Writers"
Published Authors

John Francois has written six historical novels: "The March," "Cajun Fire,"
"Cajun Knights," "Carrier-of-Bones," "Pontiac," and "Revolutions."  See all his work at www.johnfrancois.com

Sudie Landry has published a book "Listen To The Children," and has written numerous short stories.  Sudie's books can be accessed at praisemusicpro@cox.net.
Jeanette Poole has published a Family Cookbook. E-mail ljeanettepoole@yahoo.com

Carrie Simon has published two of her novels-"Save Them All" and "Just Find Me." The books are available through www.Amazon.com.

Viola Fontenot has published "A Cajun Girl's Sharecropping Years."  It adds a female voice into the story of sharecropping. E-mail to jmvifontenoT@lusfiber.net 

Ellen Threatt's writes about community, healing, loss, and loving those around us.  Her book is "Four Seasons of Love and Grief," published by https://www.christianfaithpublishing.com.  Contact her on facebook.com/E.C.Threatts and www.aplacewherewordsstillmatter.
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