Writers' Guild of Acadiana - "Dedicated to the Support & Education of Our Writers"
Published Authors

John Francois has written six historical novels: "The March," "Cajun Fire,"
"Cajun Knights," "Carrier-of-Bones," "Pontiac," and "Revolutions."  See all his work at www.johnfrancois.com

Sudie Landry has published a book "Listen To The Children," and has written numerous short stories.  Sudie's books can be accessed at   her name and all four books will come up to see,
Jeanette Poole has published a Family Cookbook. email ljeanettepoole@yahoo.com

Carrie Simon has published two of her novels-"Save Them All" and "Just Find Me". The books are available through www.Amazon.com

Viola Fontenot has published "A Cajun Girl's Sharecropping Years."  It adds a female voice into the story of sharecropping. email tot jmvifontenoT@lusfiber.net 

Elllen Threatts writes about community, healing, loss, and loving those around us.  Her book is "Four Seasons of Love and Grief"; published by https://www.christianfaithpublishing.com  contact her on facebook.com/E.C.Threatts and www.aplacewherewordsstillmatter.
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